iRest SL-A91 Robotic Massage Chair Reviews 2024

Welcome to my post ” iRest SL-A91 Robotic Massage Chair Reviews 2024 “. iRest SL-A91 massage chair is a high-tech massage chair developed by the well-known Pan-Asian company iRest. Chinese experts have managed to implement all the advanced ideas and technologies in the field of therapeutic and restorative massage in one product. Now, in order to receive a complex of relaxing procedures, you do not need to go to a specialist or call him at home – a high-quality massage will be performed by a “smart chair”. This iRest Massage Chair is definitely a good choice.

Realization of ideas – chair design

Chinese engineers and designers have managed to bring their wildest ideas to life. The base of the chair is made of lightweight, ergonomic material – the product can be moved independently, without outside help. An elegant white base color (the base of the structure), effectively combined with red and black cladding materials. The skin is used as a basis, processed according to a special technology – the patient’s back does not sweat, the material does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Black inserts are made of breathable materials on a natural basis. Fabrics that are pleasant to the touch allowing for maximum relaxation and comfort.

The back of the chair is designed in such a way that there is no effect on the spine – immersed in the iRest SL-A91, you can calmly relax and feel the restorative effect of the massage.

Device functionality – operating functions

Experts have endowed the device with rich functionality designed for different modes of operation and restorative effects:

  • Among the types of massage available to the user, there are the following: light pat on the back, shiatsu, kneading the neck and spine, pleasant tapping;
  • In order not to mislead the user, experts have provided 5 basic massage modes: tonic, massage in “comfort” mode, massage of the neck and shoulder joints, warm-up of the lumbar region and back muscles;
  • For confident users, the device provides the ability to independently compile programs and 3 memory programs are allocated (M-1, M-2 and M-3);
  • The product was equipped with mechanical “hands”, which are designed to imitate the touch of a massage therapist. Manual massage provides several modes of operation: shoulders and neck, partial, general, lumbar and dorsal muscle, fixed;
  • In addition to massage procedures, the user can choose the speed of manipulation – there are 3 modes in total;
  • For those who want to concentrate the massage rollers on one part of the back (for example, the spine or the right side of the back), you can set the width of the massage rollers – there are three modes of operation, narrow, medium and wide;
  • The presence of air cushions implies air massage. In total, there are 28 inflatable pillows in the places for the position of the arms and legs;
  • Also, it is worth pointing out the intensity of the massage, which is regulated by a three-level system;
  • For convenience, the leg section can be extended and adapted to suit any person’s height. The back of the chair, if desired, can be folded back and then returned to its original position;
  • The functionality of the device provides for the function of IR (infrared) heating;
  • The user can take advantage of the zero gravity (zero gravity feeling) function.

With such rich functional equipment, the product is relatively inexpensive. The iRest SL-A91 massage chair is designed to bring comfort and health to every home, at a reasonable price.

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