iRest SL-A382 Massage Chair Reviews 2024

The massage chair IRest A382 Massage Chair is a new generation of robotic systems capable of automatically adjusting to the individual parameters of the user. Thanks to the use of the latest developments in the field of massage equipment in design, the new model of the iRest Massage Chair has truly unlimited possibilities in the art of massage.

The design of the chair allows you to use it even in small rooms: this model can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the wall (the minimum distance from the back to the wall can be only 5 cm) – during transformation, the back of the chair does not lean back, but smoothly slides forward, along with the seat …

Before moving on to a more detailed listing of the technical advantages, it is worth mentioning the design of the IRest A382 massage chair: depending on the surrounding style, you can choose the chair color from 5 offered shades – cream, beige, red, brown, gray and black. And the smooth lines of the structure itself allow it to organically fit into the interior of any room – be it an office, a gym or an ordinary living room.

The most important functions of the IRest A382 massage chair

The new IRest A382 massage chair is equipped with a system that automatically determines the weight and localization of the user’s shoulder girdle, the height of his shoulders. As a result, massage becomes more personalized and of high quality. In addition, the effectiveness of the vertical shoulder massage of the forearms is increased due to the different positioning of the massage cushions.

One of the undoubted advantages of this chair model is the increased massage area. It consists in adjustable in width, length and depth of movements of various massage mechanisms, their trajectories and the ability to smooth continuous movement. The intelligent system of mechanical arms, completely imitating the movements of a professional, regulates movements not only in the width and total length of the areas being massaged but also completely follows the curves of the body of the person sitting in the chair.

The range of the massage surface of the iRest A382 massage chair, increased to 135 cm, is especially effective due to the configuration of the L-shaped guides, allowing to provide a full-fledged massage to the body, starting from the head and ending, practically, at the knees. Moreover, the sinusoidal movements of the roller are also adjustable in amplitude – from 6 to 21 cm (3 options of adjustments).

The chair is equipped with innovative air valves allowing the pumps to operate continuously in sync with 28 massage cushions located in the upholstery of the chair, including armrests and a height-adjustable footrest. Thanks to this approach, the effect of the pillows, which are different in strength and rhythm, produces a refreshing effect that allows you to fully enjoy a high-quality massage. The effectiveness of the shin massage is ensured by the coordinated work of rollers and air cushions, and 4 pairs of natural magnets, acting on the main acupuncture points, improving blood circulation in the muscles and relax them.

The compression cushions of the massage chair, thanks to their design, massage the lower leg in a circular manner, completely covering it: rhythmic squeezing, gentle twisting and complete rest – this is the secret of a beneficial effect on muscles and acupuncture points, allowing the legs not only to rest but also to significantly increase muscle elasticity and walls of blood vessels.

The chair provides the possibility of performing Guasha massage on the soles: a single roller moving in a range of 3 cm in width imitates the movements of a professional massage therapist – depending on individually adjustable settings, pressing it can be either delicate or strong enough.

12 airbags follow the curves of the shoulder girdle to provide a fully balanced 3D massage for the arms, including the elbows and palms.

Additional features to improve massage efficiency and user comfort


  • The chair is equipped with the possibility of massage in 3 positions, close to the position of the body in zero gravity. This position facilitates the effect of gravity on the spine and muscular skeleton of a person, which provides a high degree of relaxation: the hips and legs are located above the heart, at an angle of 118 degrees to the torso – the pressure of the atmosphere, as it were, dissipates, evenly distributed throughout the body.
  • Thanks to the carbon fiber built into the surface of the chair, it is possible to heat the back, lumbar region and hips to a comfortable temperature of 40-50 degrees – due to this, the circulatory system is stimulated, and cellular metabolism is activated.
  • The timer will help to set the desired time interval for the user for the massage – you can relax without constantly looking at your watch.
  • Two memory modes will satisfy the needs of the whole family: any combination of massage movements and especially preferred effects can be saved using the M1 and M2 programs. All you need to do for this: press the corresponding button and hold it for about 2 seconds until a special sound signal – the automatic save mode will be activated.

Fatigue of the spine usually leads to pain in the shoulder blades and lower back, and also causes stiffness of the muscles in the back of the head and neck.

Automatic massage programs:

The pain of Mercy – 15 minutes of exposure to particularly painful areas of the body, indicating strong tension or muscle fatigue – they requires an immediate relaxing massage.

The memory of Sports is an extended program that combines decompression massage with air cushions with the adjusted force of the roller massage, which also includes elements of the Shiatsu acupressure massage. Relieves fatigue resulting from exercise and prevents muscle strain pain.

Housewife’s back and waist – a relaxing massage that actively affects the muscles of the lower back, as well as the ligaments of the chest. Elderly Comfort – A stimulating massage for the whole body, from the neck to the soles, including a full hand massage.

Full-fledged neck and shoulder movements for active computer users is a convenient program designed specifically to relieve tension and soreness of the muscles of the body, which is in one position for a long time.

Flexible waist and the beauty of love is a complex designed to relieve muscle aches and stiffness. Stretches and relaxes muscles, increasing their elasticity and relieving fatigue.

IRest A382 massage chair concentrates knowledge of manual and orthodox medicine. The structure of the human body and the location of the main acupuncture points are always individual – and in a robotic massage chair, their location is precisely determined by intelligent systems that analyze the main parameters of a person sitting in the chair. Complete identification from the Fengshi point on the neck to the Yunquan point on the sole is the basis of a high-quality massage effect on all 500 points of the human body, solving many problems associated with poor health, fatigue, or injury.

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