iRest SL-A130S Massage Chair Reviews 2024

Welcome to my post ” iRest SL-A130S Massage Chair Reviews 2024 “. The iRest A130S belongs to the new generation of iRest massage armchairs. It is equipped with smart, silent, vertically moving “hands” massage for a complete back massage. The A130S uses the new “S” shaped massage system, which is particularly beneficial for the waist.

Main Features:

  • Protection in the area or lying down of the chair
  • Complete Back Massage
  • Electrically adjustable back Yes
  • Airbags 28 airbags in total
  • Airbags on the shoulders 4 airbags
  • Airbags in the hands 8 airbags
  • Airbags on the soles 8 airbags
  • Airbags for calves 8 airbags
  • 2D Massage Rollers
  • Massage footrest Yes and electrically extendable
  • Air pumps 1
  • Valves 4
  • Buttock massage
  • Massage and relaxation
  • Massage on the calves
  • Reflex therapy
  • Foot massage
  • Control panel Yes, in the form of an easy-to-use controller
  • Armchair cover Ecological, antibacterial leather.
  • Maximum User Weight (kg) 120 kg
  • Electric voltage 220 – 230V
  • Available colors: Black, Beige

Pump and valve

innovation The A130S has an innovative air pump function and 4 valves. The pump can be operated intermittently or continuously to provide the engine with the energy required for the 28 airbags. Relaxing massage and air pressure massage are equally accurate and unique, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing

Minimal distance from the wall

This armchair can be placed in small spaces, as it does not require a large distance from the wall behind it during operation, depending of course on the angle at which you adjust the back.

Easy to use control

The A130S has a very easy to use control, through which you have the ability to fully control all the functions of the armchair. Adjust parameters such as the type and intensity of the massage, select desired functions such as heating and adjust factors such as the angle of the back and the length of the footrest, all with the push of a few buttons!

Adjustable footrest

The footrest extends or collapses to adjust to the user’s height to ensure effective foot massage

Massage on the calves

In the area of ​​the calves, massage rollers and airbags are activated, as well as 8 natural magnets.

S-shaped curve

After many studies, we came up with an S-shaped curve for the length of action of the chair. something that enhances the effectiveness of the massage. The S shape helps a lot in the massage of the waist, contributing to the relaxation of the spine and consequently to the relief of tense muscles along the entire length of the back.

Guasha spot foot massage

This function mimics the touch of the human hand using advanced roller technology. The armchair offers Guasha massages like a professional masseur. The massage focuses on the Yongquan point of the soles, either with a gentle steady massage, or with a gradually increasing intensity massage, which can bring unsurpassed comfort and enjoyment.

Foot airbag massage

Airbags of different shapes for the calves, ankles and soles, offer you triple pleasure. The method of compression, pause and release of air, stimulates the acupuncture points Xuanzhog and Taixi, offering you relief and harmony.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy with 8 300CC magnets, strategically placed, improves the low levels of magnetite in the body by stimulating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupuncture points on the calves.

Width of back massage

The “smart” mechanical hands can move along the body, neck, shoulders, back and waist. They can position the body at an angle so that the width of the massage varies along the entire length of the back.

Adjusting the width of the back

The “S” curve, which supports the body, is a combination of back massage and man-made, and offers you a precision massage, in the right places of the back. The width can be adjusted between 6 and 21 cm in three levels.

Equipped with 12 airbags (4 on the shoulders and 8 on the rest of the arm), which are positioned according to the curve of the hand, so as to offer a complete massage of the Yangchi and Quichi points of the hands. Balanced two-dimensional traction, coming from the inflated airbags, will rejuvenate you from hand to palm.

Carbon fiber infrared heating

Back heating function at 40 οC – 50 οC, can relieve colds and back pain. The infrared wavelength emitted coincides with the heat wavelength of the human body. Thus energy can be absorbed by human cells, which activates the metabolism.

Convenient control case on the side

In your right hand is a slot for the armchair control. The point is designed close to your hand, so you do not have to move if you want a quick adjustment during the massage.

Duration of the massage

You can choose the duration of the massage according to your requirements, but we recommend that you do not exceed 15 to 20 minutes of use at a time.

Automatic Functions


A smart 2D massage system, which combines professional massage techniques with the capabilities of the armchair to offer a multidimensional massage, to fully discharge you after a long day.


The scientific 15-minute automatic massage program can focus on the areas where you feel tired, rejuvenating the whole body.


This comfortable function offers you a fun massage experience, while rejuvenating the cervical vertebrae.


Designed to soothe muscle pain and stiffness, stretches the back muscles, relaxes muscles and bones, fights fatigue.


Relaxing massage on the back and waist, activation of lumbar and thoracic ligaments, relaxation of muscle stiffness, allow you to enjoy the miracle of a good massage.


Complete and real pressure massage from the neck to the soles, from the arms to the fingertips, will offer you an unsurpassed massage all over the body and will rejuvenate your skin.

Recommended for:

  • Workers
  • Computer users
  • Students
  • Dynamic People
  • Athletes
  • Elderly people
  • Ladies
  • Housewives

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