iRest AI Voice Control Massage Chair Reviews 2024

Welcome to my post ” iRest AI Voice Control Massage Chair 2024″. iRest AI Voice Control Massage Chair is the modified model of iRest 2023 Massage Chair which has no AI Voice control function. iRest has introduced the world leading models of electric massage chairs with all the latest massage functions and programs. You may read my article on the best iRest Massage Chair Review and Buying Guide 2024.

Let us move to our topic chair and read the iRest Massage Chair Reviews.

iRest AI Voice Control Massage Chair 2024

iRest AI Voice Control SL Track Massage Chair is available in 2 descent colors:

Black Brown

AI Voice Control

Voice command that facilitates your choice of different massage programs.

Quick Start

The iRest AI Voice Control Massage Chair has quick access buttons on the armrest for easy access.

Automatic Body Scanning

When you turn it on, the massage chair will automatically detect your height, shoulder width and weight, then set a correct massage position to suit your measurements of neck, back, hips and so on.

Intelligent 3D Robotic Rollers

The iRest AI Massage Chair is equipped with quad-style soft 3D rollers – intelligent mechanical massage hands to mimic the feeling of the human thumb, such as kneading, squeezing, squeezing, pushing, holding, oscillating and twisting to achieve multidimensional massage.

Stretching Yoga

Enjoy the Yoga Stretching massage, pulling out the body, relaxes the whole body and during the stretching it intervenes an intelligent robotic robot and massages you by simulating the movements of the human hand, type: kneading, tapping and combination of shiatsu.

Rail SL

The iRest AI Massage Chair is integrated with dual SL rails that allow its 3D soft touch rollers to follow the curvature of the human body from the spine, neck and reach to the area under the buttocks to give you full coverage where you need it most.

Zero Gravity

3 zero gravity positions with 90 to 180 degree tilt angle help reduce the weight of the spine by lowering blood pressure, reducing the load on the heart, stimulating circulation to the extremities, increasing depth and the effectiveness of the massage.

Calf and Foot Massage

Airbags for the legs and feet are also available. In addition, they are also equipped with the latest technology robotic rollers which move forwards and backward to massage the bottoms of the feet.

Heat Treatment

Heat therapy function for the back: With carbon fiber as the infrared heat source, the heating pads on the lumbar area reach about 40 ℃, which can not only stimulate blood circulation but also be very effective in relieving the muscles of painful or damaged tissue.

Air Compression Massage

Total relaxation with the integration of air pressure massage thanks to the airbags positioned on the shoulders, arms, legs and calves. By relaxing the most sensitive muscles in our body, it allows us to forget about fatigue and stress in the body.

Legs and Calves

The great novelty of the iRest AI Massage Chair – Draining massage for legs and feet. With the movements of the airbags, the chair performs the draining massage for the legs and calves, which is very effective in relaxing the muscles and the swelling of the calf.


The A321 is equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows the user to enjoy their favorite music and phone calls through high quality speakers placed in the headrest area.

Technical Specifications of iRest AI Massage Chair


Model : A321
Massage robot. 3D rolls
Nominal voltage : 220V ~ 50Hz.
Nominal power : 120 W.
Maximum charge : 150 kg.
Maximum recommended size: 190 cm.
Roll length: 135 cm.
Auto Time. 20 minutes.
Sound level : ≤ 50 dBA.
Angle of inclination. 90 – 180 degrees.
Chair width: 50 cm.
Automatic programs 12
Net weight : 90 kg.
Package dimensions: 138 x 76 x 118 cm.
Product Dimensions: 155 x 76 x 85 cm.
Clutter space 5 cm.


  • AI Voice Control
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • SL Track Massage
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Remote Controlee
  • Bluetooth Function


  • Bulky & Heavy Weight (102 Kg)


iRest AI Voice control massage chair is the best for all people with a low budget. We may compare this massage chair with a luxury massage chair from RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic]

Alternative to iRest AI Massage Chair

The following massage chairs would be the alternatives to the iRest AI Massage Chair:

Alternative #1. Osaki Titan Pro Commander 3D Massage Full Body Massage

Alternative #2. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800


Alternative #3. Real Relax Massage Chair PS3000


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